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Gift Guide For Home Stuff Lovers

We all know someone who is obsessed with decorating home, who can't pass any interior shop, and during Christmas time gets crazy with decorating house haha! Well I know one- it's me, I was obsessed with decorating, rearranging furniture, buying unnecessary stuff since forever haha!

But you can agree with me that everyone likes buying new stuff for their home, welcome to the adulthood right? Since holidays are coming, the season if gifting, I've decided to share with you some of our now bestselling home decorations which may find place at your loved ones houses! Or maybe you would like to buy a gift for your self, no judging here haha.


Firewood Holder

Let's start with our superstar- firewood holder! Everyone is going crazy for this one, and I agree with them! It will look so nice once the fireplace is fired up, it will add a nice accent to the interior during winter holidays. Of course it can be used as a lovely decoration all year around, we offer in variety of colours. Here is a link to it if you know someone who would love this!


Tea Towels

Next up- linen tea towels. Great gift for those who loves to spin around in a kitchen. Soft, high quality lovely striped tea towels will add so style to the kitchen, especially if they love the rustic country style!


Dining Plates and Tea Cups

Since we were talking about kitchen, take a look at this beautiful dining table set up! Hand mate plates and cups will look amazing on a festive table!


Apron, Towel and Mitten Set

And one more lovely gift for the cooking lovers- handmade linen apron, tea towel and oven mitt set! Take your cooking and gardening experiments to the next level with a stylish and functional linen apron. Durable, absorbent, and easy to care for, linen is the perfect fabric to protect your clothes from damage. Designed to have a unisex look and fit, adjustable with a special ties like a belt, so you can get even more comfort in your kitchen!


Bench Seat Cushions

To make the dining table set up complete- handmade bench seat cushions! Our customers are ordering these cushions to be sent directly to the loved ones, so if you want to surprise them it is a nice way to do so!


Hairpin Plant Stand

A great gift for plant lovers- hairpin style plant stand! Very chic and modern look, from a sturdy steel, in variety of colours. A more fancier gift for your loved ones! Also we offer lots of more different planters, so go ahead take a look!

So that's it, our most popular and recommended gifts to buy this year! Which one you like to buy for yourself? 🤪


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