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Your Perfect Bonfire Getaway

Do you know when the bonfire season is? Because we definitely don't haha! It's all year around for us, we love having bonfire evenings in the warm summer time, cozy evenings in the autumn or spring, or even in the freezing cold winter to warm up near the fire.. and if you’re as excited as we are, you’ve probably already begun collecting loads of firewood and perfecting your s’more-making skills!

There is nothing quite like a laidback summer or fall evening huddled with guests around an open fire. Whether you want to create memories with the kids, or throw a party for the neighbors, hosting a backyard bonfire doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Let us share with you our experiences and tips for the perfect bonfire evening and also I attached the links to the best equipment so your job to prepare will be much easier! You can also download a free checklist so you could prepare easily!

Download here:

Checklist For Your Bonfire Getaway
Download PDF • 4.55MB

Now let's talk in more details how to plan a perfect bonfire getaway!

1. Food food food and once again food!

We all know that the food cooked on the fire is the main thing that we love about camping or bonfire getaways! There is nothing better than sweet and delicious melted marshmallows, meet or veggie skewers, baked potatoes or grilled hamburgers! So many tasty dishes to choose from.

So don't forget to pack some snacks like trail mix, crisps or some fruits and veggies and of course prepare your main dinner if you will have one. Also don't forget to take some necessary tools for food making and some disposable dinnerware!

2. Get your table ready!

A portable camping grill is amazing to use over the fire pit, it is really useful to cook any food and it does not take a lot of space as it is foldable. Also you can place an iron grill dish on it and make some delicious stews or poached eggs!

Don't forget the skewers! Either for the marshmallows or hot dogs these need to go to your bag! If you are a true griller, take a look at a full grilling equipment set, it might be useful at home or to take to camping as well.

Also, I always take a cutting board and a knife with me, it works for food preparation and also to use it as a food plater.

If you are having some drinks (you bet I will have some haha!) you can either take a disposable cups or if you are a wine lover and more fancy one, take a wine cooler bag where you store a bottle of wine and two glasses, perfect for us women right?!

Also grab some tableware, we would offer a disposable ones as it is easier, but take a look at this camping tableware kit which you can use over and over again if you are doing this quite a lot.

3. Make it cozy!

Either it is summer or winter, don't forget to take some warm blankets and sweaters, it might be warm to sit by the fire but if you